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My beautiful gemstones are sourced from a British company in Yorkshire, who buy them direct (no middle men) from specialist suppliers in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Each stone goes through manual, hand-sorting quality control in Yorkshire, which looks at high quality cut, colour, clarity and carat before it is deemed good enough for sale and you’ll really notice the quality when you feel the weight of them in your own hands. This is why you may notice as well that all the stones are unique and may vary slightly from bracelet to bracelet. 

All of my bracelets are handmade, unique and packaged with recyclable materials. 


How to care for your gemstones.

I recommend not wearing them in the bath or shower and keeping them separately from other jewellery. You don’t need to clean the pumice stone, the scent will gradually fade  on its own and be ready for a top up without washing. Please note it is important not to shower or bath with your beads since the electroplating may discolour. 


Cleansing & recharging. 

If you’re into the more mystical side of crystals and gemstones then I recommend charging them monthly by leaving them on the windowsill on the night of a full moon. Many people like to have their stones imbued with energies by healers - I am not a healer but have certainly put my good vibes into these bracelets which I hope you enjoy. 


Stone meanings and usage:


Amazonite:  calming, soothing shattered emotions, anti-stress, boosts self-esteem. This is a stone all about compassion. 


Amethyst: mood balancing and helps promote intuition. Purple is the colour of the crown chakra and so is associated with spirituality. 


Citrine: energising, attracts positive emotion and bolsters drive. This is your get up and glow stone. 


Pearl: because of their lustre, pearls are often associated with the moon and therefore (and somewhat more obviously) the tides and the sea. 

Lapis Lazuli: a stone treasured in antiquity as being associated with the gods, it's also associated with wisdom and intellect - a stone for the thinkers or perhaps someone who needs help opening their mind. 

Apatite: a heart stone that helps you manifest things that you want but haven't yet happened. A great one to have on your WFH desk. 

Green Aventurine: a stone to block negative energy from your heart while attracting love and abundance. 

Carnelian: Stimulates creativity, motivation and restores vitality. This is a power stone to help get things moving. A great stone for those who have left a negative relationship and need to kick onwards. 

Red Jasper: a protective and empowering stone and one that is said to bring emotional grounding and harmony. 

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