Rainbow crystal beads with one gold coloured bead that you can scent with an essential oil blend or perfume. The seven different coloured beads represent different chakra energies within your body.


Purple : the crown chakra : amethyst

Deep Blue: the third eye : lapis lazuli

Light Blue : the throat chakra : apatite

Green : the heart chakra : green aventurine

Yellow : the Solar Plexus chakra : citrine

Orange : the sacral chakra : carnelian

Red : the root chakra : red jasper

Chakra Garland Necklace

  • Apply 4 - 6 drops of (safe for skin) scented oil or perfume direct to the pumice bead first thing in the morning and enjoy the scent throughout the day. The bead will retain scent for up to 10 hours depending on the oil and can be topped up when it fades.